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We visit the CWHM in late February for a progress report


Al Mickeloff test fits paper markings to ensure proper sizing before printing.

For 2018, the museum has chosen to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Operation Chastise also known as Dam Buster raids. The Lancaster will commemorate Guy Gibson’s Dam Buster Lancaster AJ-G, ED932. Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar had two Canadian’s on board his Lancaster the night of the raids. As well, 30 Canadian airmen participated in the Dam Buster raids of which 15 men did not return.


With the aircraft on jacks the maintenance crew examine a gear swing on the Lancaster to ensure proper movement and of all parts.


Grumman TBM Avenger BuNo 53858 is nearing the end of its restoration and will be flying in 2018. Currently the fuel tanks are off site being refurbished. Once installed there are only minor items to be finished before the first test flight. Royal Canadian Navy squadrons VS 880 & VS 881 flew anti-submarine Avengers from 1950-56. This airframe was built in 1945 for the US Navy. During the early 60s it was converted for agricultural spraying and in 1976 it came to Canada with Forest Protection Limited in New Brunswick. Retired in 1992, the airframe was purchased in 2000 by a preservation group in France but it remained in Canada until being acquired by the CWHM in 2009. Once flown the Avenger will be painted as BuNo86180, RCN 324.


Interesting what you find hidden under paint. This squadron insignia is from 1945. VA-55 Torcats. This insignia is etched in the instrument access panel.


Al Mickeloff and Greg Chapman carefully size paper lettering on the side of the C-47 to ensure proper size and placement matched to historical photos. Greg Chapman is responsible for the digital work and final application of the markings.


In 2014, Douglas C-47 C-GRSB, that flew in the WWII as RCAF FZ692, was donated to the museum. Since that time the airframe interior has been stripped and engines rebuilt. In February, the engines were test ran and soon the aircraft will be painted in World War Two RCAF 437 Squadron markings. During our visit roundels and stencilling were being sized for printing.


Harvard 20213 repairs are almost completed and is ready for a fresh paint scheme.


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