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For the past twenty six years Eric has freelanced for Canadian, American, French, German, Australian and British Aviation magazines. He has published over 300 articles and 2,900 photos as well as having images displayed in several aviation museums and businesses. Eric enjoys photographing everything from people to wildlife.


In 2017, Eric was hired by the Breitling Jet Team for a photo-shoot over Detroit, MI.


Eric fulfilled a lifelong dream when he flew with Canada's famed “Snowbirds” 431 Air Demonstration Squadron.


Eric is seen shooting from the National Warplane Museum's C-45. Eric has been a long time supporter of the Geneseo Airshow in Upstate New York.


Eric prepares for a photo-flight in the Warbird Digest B-25 Mitchell.

Eric's father and grandfather were both avid photographers; Eric began taking photos and developing film and prints at nine years of age. His father, Richard Dumigan, began photographing aircraft in the late 40s and has amassed over 500,000 negatives. At an early age Eric accompanied his father on visits to airports and airshows. Eric’s main passion is aviation photography and during the summer months he follows the airshow circuit in Ontario and the North Eastern States.


Eric is seen photographing Canadian Red Bull Air Race pilot, Pete McLeod.



Bernadette, Eric and Richard.

My wife, Bernadette, has accompanied me since the 2007 airshow season and in 2009 her photography progressed to the point I now share her images on Our goal is to cover all aspects of airshows and promote the airshow industry and aviation in Canada.


Bernadette is seen at the top of a loop during a glider flight with Manfred Radius.


Richard Dumigan is seen at RCAF Station St. Hubert while serving with the Royal Montreal Regiment.


Richard is seen in the darkroom.


Eric's father and grandfather, Richard and Robert Dumigan are seen exploring an ex-RCAF Liberator at St. Jean Quebec with a friend.


Matt Younkin photo of Bernadette flying right seat in Matt’s Beech 18.


Eric is seen photographing 2012 CF-18 Hornet Demo pilot, Patrick “PACO” Gobeil.

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