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red memorial

Richard Dumigan, Eric’s father, passed away 29 December 2018 at 92 years young. Life owed him nothing; he lived on his own, drank beer and smoked until a week before his passing. He shared his love of aviation photography with Eric, a passion they enjoyed together.

1 r100 01

Richard with his sister Dorothy at St. Hubert with the R-100 in 1930.

Richard was born in Montreal on 1 May 1926. During World War Two he joined the RCAF but the war ended before he completed training. He served with the Royal Montreal Regiment from 1960-1966.


Richard and Eric’s grandfather, Robert are seen with a friend exploring a B-24 Liberator at St. Jean, Quebec.

3 momdad

Eric’s parents,Gloria and Richard Dumigan. Gloria passed away in 1989. They had three children, Joan, Gerald & Eric.

Photography, especially aviation, was his life's passion. Richard amassed thousands of aviation images over a 70 year period that began in the 1940s. Dorval, Cartierville and St. Hubert were his favourite spots in Montreal. In the late 1960s, he moved his family to Toronto where he continued shooting at all the local airports and air shows.

4 IMG_6880

A page from a family photo album.


The first DeHavilland Comet to land at Dorval Airport. This image was published in a 1956 Flight magazine. LINK


One of Eric’s first photos. Richard shooting the arrival of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at the 1974 Brampton Air Show. For decades, Eric and Richard were inseparable during air show season.


Bernadette & Eric with Richard at Summerside, 2011, when Eric flew with the Snowbirds Air Demonstration Team.


2018, Richard showing off his hand made balsa Avro Arrows. He enjoyed every day and took great pleasure in looking at his photos, listening to his audio recordings and working on his plastic models.

Once more give me back my wings,
once more let me fly before my angel sings me to sleep
Let a vibrant Merlin respond to me
the windsock beckons…
let the wheels be free!

R. Dumigan


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