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AIRIC’s Airshow Schedule covers Airshows, Fly-In’s and aviation events in the Great Lakes Region as well as a few select events across North America.


30-2            24th Annual Montebello Ski-In                                       Montebello, QC


15               Ski Fly-In Midland/Huronia CYEE                                  Midland, ON

15               International Ski-In Stanstead/Derby Line                        Lake Memphemagog QC,VT

14-15         North East Council of Airshows Conference                     Niagara Falls AFB, NY

22               Mo’s Fly-In Ottawa River                                               Ottawa, ON

23               COPA Flight 124 Ski-In CPF4                                       Cobden, ON


8                 Oshawa-Girls flying Girls Ninety Nine event                     Oshawa, ON

9                 Heritage Con 8 CWHM                                                  Hamilton, ON

14-16         TICO Valiant Air Command Airshow                               Titusville, FL

22-23         Vintage Wings of Canada Warbird U Corsair                   Gatineau, QC


1-6             Sun N Fun                                                                       Lakeland, FL

5-6            Vintage Wings of Canada Warbird U F-86 Sabre             Gatineau, QC

26              Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Annual Banquet    Woodstock, ON

26-27        Vintage Wings of Canada Warbird U P-40 Kittyhawk      Gatineau, QC


3                 Canadian Historical Aircraft Assoc. Wings N Wheels      Windsor, ON

3-4             Planes of Fame Airshow                                                  Chino, CA

10              Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Fly days               Tillsonburg, ON

10-11         Vero Beach Airshow                                                       Vero Beach, FL

10-11         McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Airshow                                     Lakehurst, NJ

13              Snowbirds 15 Wing Moose Jaw                                       Moose Jaw, SK

16-18        Warbirds Over the Beach                                                 Virginia Beach, VA

17             Hope Air Open House                                                      Toronto, ON

17-18        Youngstown ARB Open House Airshow                           Youngstown, OH

23             Bomber Command Museum of Canada event evening        Nanton, AB

25             Oak Hills Flying Club 50th Anniversary Fly-In                   Stirling, ON

24-25         Bethpage Airshow                                                            Jones Beach, NY

31              British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Fly-In @ CWH  Hamilton, ON

31              CFB Trenton Open House and Airshow                           Trenton, ON

31              Waterloo Aviation Fun Day                                              Waterloo, ON

31-1           Fort McMurray International Airshow                              Fort McMurray, AB


1                 ORBIS Pull For Sight                                                     Toronto, ON

4                 RCAF Snowbirds at Portage La Prairie                           Portage La Prairie, MB

6                 D-Day 70th Anniversary - Ceremony of Remembrance   Ottawa, ON

7                Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Fly days               Tillsonburg, ON

7               CFB Borden Canadian Forces Day & Airshow                 CANCELED

8                 COPA Flight 124 Breakfast Fly-In CPF4                        Cobden, ON

14               Oshawa Young Eagles Rally                                            Oshawa, ON

14              Canadian Warplane Heritage Night Airshow                     Hamilton, ON

14-15        Canadian Warplane Heritage Skyfest                                Hamilton, ON

14              GTAA Runway Run                                                        Toronto, ON

15              Canadian Warplane Heritage Bomber Night Run              Hamilton, ON

14-15        Ontario South Coast Airshow host Snowbirds & CF-18   Tillsonburg, ON

18              Spectacle Aerien LA Baie                                                 LA Baie, QC

20-22        CHAA Gathering of Harvards and Heroes                         Tillsonburg, ON

21             The Great War Flying Museum Goggles & Great Times      Brampton, ON

21-22        Snowbirds at Stephenville                                                  Stephenville, NL

24              St. Georges de Beauce Airshow                                       St. Georges de Beauce, QC

28-29         Waterloo Airshow                                                            Waterloo, ON

28-29         Dayton Airshow                                                               Dayton, OH

30              VWoC The Hadfield Summit                                            Gatineau, QC

30-6           B-17 “Sentimental Journey” Flight Experiences at CWH   Hamilton, ON


1                 RCAF Snowbirds Flypast                                               Ottawa, ON

4                 RCAF Snowbirds at Moose Jaw                                    Moose Jaw, SK

5                 CH2A Sign the Bomber Campaign and Roll Out             Windsor, ON

5-6             Battle Creek Airshow                                                      Battle Creek, MI

11-13         Geneseo Airshow                                                            Geneseo, NY

12              Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Fly days               Tillsonburg, ON

12-13         South Shore Airshow                                                       Gary, IN

12              Yellowknife International Airshow                                     Yellowknife, NWT

13              Peace River Regional Airshow                                          Peace River, AB

19              Cold Lake Airshow                                                         Cold Lake, AB

19-20         Legends Over London, Jet Aircraft Museum                    London, ON

19-20         Gathering of Eagles XVIII Air Show                                South Euclid, OH

23               Canada Remembers Our Heroes                                     Saskatoon, SK

25-26         Norseman Floatplane Festival                                          Red Lake, ON

26-27         Hometown Heroes Airshow                                             Whitecourt, AB

28-3           EAA Airventure Oshkosh                                                Oshkosh, WI

30               RCAF Snowbirds at Kelowna                                         Kelowna, BC


2                Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Fly days               Tillsonburg, ON

2-3             RCAF Snowbirds Over Camrose                                    Camrose, AB

6                CHILD Air Show                                                            White Rock, BC

7                Light Up the Runway Walk                                              Brampton, ON

8-10           Abbotsford Airshow                                                         Abbotsford, BC

9                Edenvale Gathering of Classics                                          Edenvale, ON

9-10          Thunder Over Michigan                                                     Belleville, MI

9-17          International Balloon Festival                                             Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. QC

10              CWH Vintage Wings & Wheels                                        Hamilton, ON

12              Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Fly days               Tillsonburg, ON

16              Wings & Wheels Niagara District Airport                        St. Catherines, ON

16-17         Bromont Air Show                                                           Bromont, QC

16-17         Rochester International Airshow                                       Rochester, NY

16-17         Chicago City Air & Water Show                                      Chicago, IL

20               Armed Forces Day                                                          Greenwood, NS

23              Ontario’s South Coast International Airshow                     Tillsonburg, ON

23              COPA 149 Annual Fly-In Niagara Central Airport            Welland, ON

23-24        World War I On the Move                                                Lindsay, ON

23-24         Atlantic Canada International Airshow                              Moncton, NB

24              Alliston Fly-In                                                                   Alliston, ON

27              Brantford Charity Airshow                                                Brantford, ON

30-1           Canadian International Airshow                                        Toronto, ON

30-1           Cleveland National Airshow                                             Cleveland, OH


2                RCAF Snowbirds Flypast                                                  Whitby, ON

6                90th Anniversary RCAF Ball                                             Quebec City, QC

6                Parry Sound Fly-In                                                           Parry Sound, ON

6-7             Selfridge ANGB Open House Airshow                             Selfridge ANGB, MI

7                Hawkefield Fly-In                                                             Orono, ON

7                The Great War Flying Museum Fly-In                               Brampton, ON

10                RCAF Snowbirds at Stratford                                           Stratford, ON

10-14         Reno National Air Races                                                  Reno, NV

13              Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Wings & Wheels   Tillsonburg, ON

13              GTAA Street Festival                                                        Toronto, ON

20              5K On The Runway                                                          Oshawa, ON

20              CHAA \ AIRIC Air-to-air Clinic   CANCELLED            Tillsonburg, ON

20-21         Tiger Boys Fly-In                                                             Guelph, ON

20-21         NAS Oceana Airshow                                                     Virginia Beach. VA

21              74th Battle of Britain Anniversary Ceremony                     Ottawa, ON

27              Oshawa Airport Open House                                           Oshawa, ON

27              WWII Torpedo Bomber Veteran’s Final Reunion             Port Clinton, OH


3                 RCAF Snowbirds Year End Show                                  Moose Jaw, SK

4                National Helicopter Open House                                     Bolton, ON

11-12         CAF Airsho                                                                     Midland, TX

11-12         Red Bull Air Race Las Vegas                                           Las Vegas, NV


11               Canadian Warplane Heritage Remembrance Day             Hamilton, ON



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