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I have known Maj. Stan J. Miller (RCAF Ret.) since 1994 when we met on the movie set Iron Eagle IV that was being filmed at Oshawa Airport in Ontario. Since that time it has been my pleasure to accompany Mr. Miller on many aviation related adventures and have wrote about his life in aviation for several publications over the years.


Mr. Miller joined the RCAF when he was eighteen and in 1944 earned his wings on Avro Ansons at Brantford, Ontario. He flew Halifax bomber missions over Germany with 425 Alouette Squadron before World War Two ended. Mr. Miller returned to Canada in 1946 after participating in the Occupation Force with 424 and 427 Squadron flying Lancasters. He was released from the RCAF in 1946 and was appointed Commanding Officer for an Air Cadet Squadron.


Four years later he rejoined the RCAF and earned his Initial Instructor’s Category on Harvards at No.1 Flight Instruction School at RCAF Station Trenton. Mr. Miller completed three tours with Training Command instructing on Harvards, B-25 Mitchells, C 45 Expeditors, L-19s and deHavilland Chipmunks, and a ground tour at TCHQ. He also received conversion training on helicopters and T-33 Silver Stars. Serving at Gimli, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Centralia, Trenton and Winnipeg, Stan trained hundreds of students to fly from NATO countries such as Turkey, England, Holland, Italy and France. Mr. Miller received an Air Command Master Instructor’s Award after retirement from the Air Force after 29 years of service.


When Mr. Miller retired from the CAF in 1971 he joined the faculty at Seneca College in Toronto as a Flight Instructor. Within a short time Mr. Miller became the Chief Flying Instructor at Seneca and in 1988 he served as chairman of Aviation and Flying Technology. After 17 years of employment at Seneca he retired from the college and soon took the position of CFI at Skycraft at Oshawa Airport. Although Skycraft closed many years ago Stan Miller remained at Oshawa Airport working with several individuals and companies.


Stan Miller flying the camera equipped Harvard Mk.4 for the movie Iron Eagle IV.


Stan Miller with Lou Gossett Jr., Hannu Halminen, Maurice Nesbitt and Glenn Bebee on the set of Iron Eagle IV at Downsview Airport.


Lost over Upstate New York, Stan is seen returning from the Geneseo airshow in a restored TigerMoth. Stan began his flight training in the RCAF on TigerMoths.


Stan Miller flying Less Bala’s Harvard Mk.II, RCAF# 2918, over Collingwood, Ontario. Stan’s flying log showed he had accumulated time in this aircraft during his days in the RCAF. 2918 is now owned by Pete Spence.


Stan Miller with some of his WWII crewmembers during his 60th Anniversary of receiving his wings celebration at Oshawa Airport.


Stan receives a framed Halifax print from his associates at Seneca college.


I had the pleasure of working with Stan on several Air-to-air shoots as he was a superb formation pilot. Here he is seen flying a OMF Symphony for an article in Aviation Canada.


Mr. Miller was also heavily involved with Roaero/Classic Wings, since the early 1990’s flying classic and World War Two era aircraft performing barnstorming, airshow and movie work.  In 1995 Stan Miller earned his Class 1  Instructor’s Category and Aerobatic Endorsement on the Harvard and since that time has renewed it several times with the last time being in June 2006.


Stan gets a handshake from Department of Transport’s Lindsay Cadenhead after earning his Class 1 Instructor’s Category and Aerobatic Endorsement on the Harvard in June 2006.

Stan Miller accumulated over 19,000 flight hours, of that 14,000 hours is in flight training.

I was sad to hear Stan passed away Saturday September 29th, 2007. Our phone calls, flying adventures and talks over a beer after a day of barnstorming will be missed. Thanks for all the great memories.


I am deeply saddened by the news that Stan Miller has passed on.

He trained me at Skycraft in Oshawa and I distinctly remember the very simple yet effective way he had in passing on knowledge and his communication skills. Everything I know about flying, I learnt from him. I am now a Captain in KENYA AIRWAYS ,flying the Boeing 767-300 having flown the Boeing 737-200,300,700 and 800. Prior to that I flew the Cessna 206,210,310,402C,404,406
and Grand caravan 208.Piper Lance,Navajo.Beechcraft Baron BE58,Kingair BE 20. Citation Bravo and Excel at the East African Flying doctors.

I have accumulated over 17,000hrs over the last 20 years or so of flying.


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